Our Pricing Policies

Give us a call to get your quote!

New York City Party Buses has the best pricing structure you're going to find. It is one that is built around providing our customers with value, regardless of the time of year. We manage to keep our prices competitive by considering various factors in determining our rates. Since this business is very demand based, factors such as the date, the time, and the size of your party can make a big difference in how we structure our rates. Since the factors are ever changing, we can do little more than provide a basic figure on what you can expect to pay. If you seek a 100% accurate quote, you definitely want to reach out to our booking agents. They'll be able to assist in figuring out how to get the most value out of your luxury rental.

No surprises!

While some surprises can be good... No one wants surprise fees on the day of their wedding, prom, or a big gathering of any sort. For that reason, we structure our quotes so that everything is included when we give you a price quote. We detest hidden fees, so you'll never have any hidden fees. We feel it is inherently unfair to show up and ask for more money than you've already agreed to pay. And, that is part of the transparency principle we operate under. While some companies may tag on a fuel charge at the last minute, you'll find our rates include unlimited stops and mileage. Often, we will be able to offer you a better rate than anyone else (for comparable luxury vehicles).

When you're ready, give us a call to get your quote and make your reservation! Please have the following information ready for our agents:

  • Date of event
  • Location and time of pick-up
  • Number of passengers
  • The type of event, so we can inform you of any packages or specials.